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How To Make Lilies Bloom Faster

Bouquet of Stargazer lilies in a vaseLily bouquets are usually shipped with some heads in the closed or tight stages of development.  Here are some things you can try to make lilies bloom quicker.

Put them in warm water

Use warm, but not hot, water to quickly rehydrate flowers that have been out of water for any period of time.  Warm water is usually drawn up the stem quicker because of the temperature difference between the flower and the water.  Cut flowers will still take up cold water, just not as quickly.

Give them some food

Flower preservative or flower food contains ingredients that help stimulate blooms to open. The effect is minor but its worth doing if you want to open the heads ASAP. Each Affinity Flowers consignment comes with a sachet of flower preservative.
If you don't have any flower preservative you could try adding a tea spoon of regular table sugar to the vase water.

Cut 2-3cm off the bottom of the stems

The bottom portion of the stems can become blocked with air bubbles, bacteria and other impurities which will inhibit water uptake.  Cutting 2-3cm off the end of the stems will remove these blockages making it easier for the flower to draw water up the stem.

You may need to tease the heads open

Check to see that the heads are cracked open a little bit. If the heads are sealed shut you may need to gently tease them open before warming them up.

Warm the air around the lilies

Raising the temperature around the lily heads is the most effective means of opening the blooms. Use a heater, lamp or other heat source to try to warm the environment around the blooms.  Other methods include....

The Hot Shower Method

Try putting the vase of lilies in your shower and turning on the hot water.  You don't want the water falling directly on the flowers you just want to warm up the shower cubicle. Try to trap the steam and warm air inside the shower to increase the effect. Takes about 30 minutes.

The Hair Dryer Method

If you're really in a hurry you could try the hair dryer method.  Put rubbish bag over the vase of lilies and blow hot air from the hair dryer into the bag to heat the air up. Warning: Be careful not to burn yourself or the flowers. This method can cause brown spots to appear on light coloured lilies, especially white ones so keep checking the blooms for discolouration. A clear bag would make this easier. The hair dryer method takes about 15 minutes.

Remember that opening quicker means wilting quicker too.